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Our Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

THANKS HOLDINGS is the company empowered by customer needs. The Digital IT Platform exists to redistribute wealth so all members can reap the rewards!

THANKS HOLDINGS believes that by using the services offered, anyone has the opportunity to prosper. We focus on the success of everyone rather than focusing on solely being a "PROFIT-CENTERED ORGANIZATION." Our motto is that anyone can USE, SHARE, and EARN.

Our Roles

Implementing the THANKS HOLDINGS mission is our Top Global IT Platform Company: ESolutionTG. ESolutionTG is an IT development subsidiary company of THANKS HOLDINGS designed to develop global IT platforms and manage the ThanksMatrix Customer Relationship Management Solution. ESolutionTG develops and supports each THANKS HOLDINGS subsidiary company to provide high tech solutions and competitive information technology.

Our Locations

Global Headquarters

3235 Sattelite Blvd, Bldg 400 Ste 290, Duluth, GA 30096
[email protected]
Los Angeles Branch Office

3731 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 630, Los Angeles, CA 90010
1.855.789.5373 / 718.224.4874
[email protected]
New York Head Office

4240 Bell Blvd, Ste 201, Bayside, NY 11361
[email protected]
Global Branch Office (Republic of Korea)

349, Gangnam-daero, 6F & 8F, Seocho-gu, Seoul
[email protected]


2014 Nov EsolutionTG, LLC GA, USA Registration
2015 Mar ThanksMatrix.com, Go7shop.com Standard Membership Plan Global Launching
Aug Premium Membership Global Launching, CRM Business Plan Membership, On/Off Line Pos System
2016 Jan Pro Agent Rule Update
Jan NRF 2016 Retail Show
Mar Georgia Beauty Show Demonstration
TMPOS, INC Service Provider Contract
Apr New York Branch Open
June EsolutionTG Korea, Corp in Yeoudo, Korea and Thanksmatrix Korea, China Open
July Virginia Branch Open
July EsolutionTG Workshop #1, #2
Sep EsolutionTG Workshop #3
Sep EsolutionTG Korea Seoul Branch Open in Gangnam, Korea
Oct EsolutionTG Workshop #4
TM PRO Counsulting, Corp and ThanksTrucking, LLC Service Contract
Nov GoLawcase.com, ThanksBless.com ESolutionTG brands, launched
TM Wellbeing, LLC Service Provider Contract
Dec 1st EsolutionTG Day In Las Vegas
2017 Feb EsolutionTG Leadership Workshop #6 in New York
Mar Tresmore, LLC and ThanksDigit, LLC Service Provider Contract
Apr Service Provider Contract : TMPOS, INC Franchis System Management 'ThanksCafe' Open

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