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Board of Directors & Executive Team

Chairman & Founder
Ryan Lee
As an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Ryan Lee started his business in New York. His dream was to inspire people to transform their business, and in doing so, help other people achieve success. After many years of experience and deliberation, he created ThanksMatrix Platform service as the ultimate virtual assistance program provider. Ryan touches hearts through a powerful legacy of giving back to the global community – a global impact was made by one amazing person who turned his passion for beautiful lives into a one-of-a-kind success story.



Board of Directors
Chairman/CEO Ryan Lee
Vice Chairman/CIO Jimmy Chang
Vice Chairman Jungkwan Kim
CCO Michael Krause, Lawyer
CMO Charlie Choi
CSO John Cho

Executive Team
Chief Executive Officer / President: Ryan Lee
Chief Information Officer / President: Jimmy Chang
Chief Compliance Officer / Vice President: Michael Krause, Lawyer
Chief Strategy Officer / Vice President: John Cho
Marketing & Promotion /Vice President: Justin Kim
General Manager: Diane Yu

Management Support Team
Executive Administrator: Kelly Park

Global Strategy Management
Director: Sean A Lee
General Manager: Seyoung Hwang

Executive Director
Jenny Lee, James Shin, Kwangho Lee, Jane Yun, Jungkul Byun

Regional Director
Kyungok Han, Kwang C Chang, Hyun M Shin, Wooyoung Lee, Brian Nguyen

Global Companies
EsolutionTG Korea: CEO/President Jihun Kim, CFO James Shin, GSD Sean A Lee
TMPOS Korea: CEO/President Changkyun Choi
ThanksTrucking Korea: CEO/President Hea Wang Kim
TMWellbeing Korea: CEO/President Jungkul Byun, COO Han Kim, CMO Wooyoung Lee
Thanksholdings Asia-Pacific Region: President Kwanyoung Youn

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